Victim: Woman!

By: Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch


Police Officers, Military Personnel, CCW Holders dress for that moment that everyone prays won’t happen.


When you get ready in the morning; do you consider shoes, handbags, jewelry or firearm, extra magazines, flashlight, knife?  What we wear and how we wear it may impact the activities of our day – and could be the difference between normal day, assault or death.


Whether we like it, or want to accept it, women are at greater risk of being the target of an attack!  What to consider.


Rapists look for an easy target:  In two different research reports that surveyed convicted rapists, they shared their targeting considerations.  (This is disturbing; but important for every woman to know.)


  1. Hair style:  is the target wearing a pony tail, bun or braid? Either are easy to grab and control the victim.
  2. Clothing style: is she in a dress or skirt? Either are easily removed
  3. Distraction: is she on the phone, digging in her purse? The target is not aware and can be caught off guard and easily overpowered.
  4. Location: target rich environments include grocery store parking lots, mall/office parking garages and public restrooms.


The attacker’s strategy:  Grab the victim quickly, over power her and drag her to a remote area where they will not be seen.


Victim Proofing:  Stay Alert!  Being seen as aware of your surroundings is a KEY deterrent.  If you think you are being stalked; Make Eye Contact, engage in conversation, collect information.  If the attacker thinks you could identify them as an attacker, they may look for another target.  Paying attention to details.  Important facts to observe: clothing (style, color and images), tattoos, hair color, jewelry, ethnicity, build and smell.


Fight Back:  Any “fight”, “scene” or resistance that can bring attention to you and your attacker may cause the attacker to release and run; they want an easy target; and they don’t want to have attention drawn to them!   Additionally, long object (i.e. umbrella) are seen as potential extended weapons and can remove you from target consideration (recognize that keys in a fist can allows the attacker to get too close, which could allow the attacker to overpower you).


As a follow up: Report any and all suspicious activity.  If the hair on the back or your neck stands up let law enforcement know even if that person ignores you.  Remember, Actions are suspicious; and report the activity.


Stay Alert, Stay Safe.

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