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Project Description

Something Between a Harsh Word and a Gun/ Surviving the Active Shooter


Something Between a Harsh Word and a Gun;

This class is an examination of less than lethal options/non gun options for defensive use when a handgun may not be appropriate, or when one chooses to not carry a handgun. Emphasis will be on the use of pepper spray as a defensive tool, and its application in the real world.

Topics covered include;

A critical analysis of viable options for less lethal/less than lethal defense for the non law enforcement/CCW person, whether you carry a handgun or not. This information would be useful for a CCW person looking for defensive options in case of a non deadly force scenario, or for those who can not or do not wish to carry a handgun (high school age students as an example).

Being a smart consumer; how to avoid buying products that don’t work.

MUC (Managing Unknown Contacts), an introduction to MUC principles and how to apply them as part of your tactics to recognize and avoid criminal victimization.

Effective utilization of pepper spray in the real world.

This class will include drilling with inert pepper spray. No live agent will be used as part of the class.

This is a four hour block of instruction.

Surviving the Active Shooter;

This class will examine the history and trends in active shooter events, and the lessons learned, and how to apply personal survival tactics to avoid being a victim.

This course will offer information on surviving an active shooter when one is unable to carry a gun due to being under age or going to school/working in a non permissive environment where guns are not allowed. The student will be offered realistic tactics to apply effective lockdown if appropriate, how and when to effectively escape/evade a shooter, and options on how to fight back as effectively as possible if one does not have a gun.

Also covered will be what to expect from a law enforcement response, and how this may affect those on scene, be they armed or not.

This is a four hour block of instruction

Something Between a Harsh Word and a Gun / Surviving the Active Shooter

  • Duration: 4 Hours

  • Participants: Max 30 Students

  • Recommended Gear: Paper and Pen

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy.

*Gear available for rent or purchase at Saddle River Range

Please check-in at the Range counter 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled class time.

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