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Project Description

OC Spray Instructor Course with Agile Training and Consulting


This class is a distillation of  Chuck Haggard’s 30 years of experience using OC (aka pepper) spray as a defensive tool.

This is an instructor level class for the non law enforcement user. While the information would be useful in an LE role, the focus of the training is the use of OC spray in the personal defense paradigm.

Topics covered include; the why of less than lethal options for personal defense.

Examination of what less than lethal/less lethal options are viable for the non LEO or off duty officer.

Integration of OC spray into the personal defense paradigm. How to incorporate spray into empty hand tactics, low light and/or defensive handgun training/use.

Incident avoidance via the MUC (Managing Unknown Contacts) paradigm. Integrating MUC into one’s personal defense tactics.

Escalation/de-escalation of force.

Weapon retention and disarming

Integrating inert OC drills into a personal defense training plan.

Field decon in the event of an OC exposure via criminal assault.

Prerequisites; none

Instructor candidates will need to bring a dummy handgun and concealed carry holster to this training for use in various drilling. If the instructor candidate commonly carries a defensive knife then a dummy version of that gear would be appropriate for this class.

Note taking materials.
All other class materials are provided.

This class is approximately ten hours in length.

This class does not involve live a OC exposure.

Class tuition; $335, certification valid for 3 years.

OC Spray Instructor Course

  • Duration: 9 Hours

  • Participants: Max 20 Students

  • All training materials are included with purchase

  • Required Gear: Belt, Training Pistol( Blue Gun, SIRT, etc…) holster, note taking material

  • Prerequisites:None

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy.

*Gear available for rent or purchase at Saddle River Range

Please check-in at the Range counter 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled class time.

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