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Project Description

Introduction to Action Shooting


Have you ever considered participating in a action shooting competition, but felt you lacked the equipment, information or skill? Have you competed in a few matches, are now hopelessly hooked, and would like to improve or maybe you are just looking for an advanced class to further you gun-handling abilities? If so, then this class is for you.

Over the course of an hour and half the instructor will cover the basics of the popular action shooting sports.

Topics will include; drawing techniques, shooting on the move, strong-hand weak-hand shooting, stage props and reloading. We will also look at the game itself and discuss; stage breakdown, rules, match preparation, training, practicing and equipment selection.

In addition to the class, the instructor will include further instruction about the local action shooting league match held at the Saddle River Range on the last Sunday of every month. All Intro students will be squadded together, and the instructor will act as the Range Officer. The knowledge and information learned in the class will be put to use in the match, and each student will get one-on-one instruction through each course of fire.*

*This portion is not mandatory, and SRR is not charging for the service–the only cost associated is the match entry fee.

The class will be limited to no more than 6 students, so if you plan on attending, please sign up now! 

Introduction to Action Shooting

  • Duration: 1.5 Hours

  • Participants: Max 6 Students

  • Course of Fire: 100 rounds (not included but, available for purchase)

  • Required Gear: Belt, Pistol, holster*, two magazines, magazine carrier*, eye & ear protection

  • Recommended Gear: Paper and Pen

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy.

*Gear available for rent or purchase at Saddle River Range

Please check-in at the Range counter 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled class time.

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