Stun Guns by Ron Mullins

Although not covered in the general media, an important ruling came down from the United States Supreme Court this past month.  And if you are an advocate of safety, this ruling benefits you. A lower court in the state of Massachusetts ruled that “stun guns” were considered “unusual” and could therefore be banned from individual ownership. Why is this important? The “stun gun” is for many, Law Enforcement Officers and regular citizens, the tool of [...]

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What is the “best gun”? by Trent Lozano

I truly wish I had a dollar for every time I have been asked this question.  I could have retired years ago! I spend a fair amount of time teaching classes or speaking at events that are related to the firearms industry.  I meet a lot of people who are just getting into the firearms world or are just finally beginning to take it seriously.  Many of them have even been gun owners for years [...]

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