Neighborhood Security –  By Thom Bolsch and Ron Mullins

In a previous article we discussed “How Safe is Your Neighborhood”, a study on the methodology of assessing community safety. So let’s follow up on that article and discuss how to improve neighborhood security. On the surface, we have a belief that crime happens in dark alleys in the disenfranchised inner city.  But in reality, crime can – and does – happen anywhere. In the news, earlier this week, we watched as a lone gun [...]

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The Women’s Shooting Network visits Saddle River Range

Women's Shooting Network - "We always love finding new products and offerings in our industry and featuring them here for gun owners everywhere to see. Interestingly, many new ranges have been popping up over the last few years, trying to court the growing female market. While there are many great ranges out there, when a new range near us in Houston, Texas opened, we had to go see it for ourselves. Overall, it was a fantastic experience...genuinely warm [...]

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The Morning Bull – George, Mo & Cowboy Dave sit down with Thom Bolsch, of Saddle River Range!

The Morning Bull – George, Mo & Cowboy Dave sit down with Thom Bolsch, of Saddle River Range, to discuss the VIP/Warrior fundraising event that they’re hosting coming up on August 31st. The Texas War Memorial is a project dedicated to Texas Military Members and their families who answered their Country’s call after September 11, 2001. They know too well the Price of Liberty and the citizens of our great state are working to honor [...]

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Warrior Evening

Take a moment to listen in on this audio link interview with Thom, of Saddle River Range, on Business Newsmakers Radio as they talk about the incredible fundraising event on AUGUST 31! Come to Saddle River Range for an evening of marksmanship fun with long guns, short guns and archery - with a genuine Texas Warrior on your Team. Our goal is to raise $50,000 - the final funds needed to build the Texas War [...]

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