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March Spot League Scores

Our third Spot League is in the books! Each time it gets better as we fine tune the handicapping system and I think that now, for the first time in archery history (that’s about 30,000 years!) we have it perfected.

We had 15 shooters of various ages and shooting styles shoot this time and after 5 weeks there was only a 63 point spread in the scores after handicapping.  With the improvement that everyone was showing, it will be less than that next time.

Here are the final scores:

Competitor Name Total Scratch
Dayton LaGrow
Don Kyle
Charles Nagel
Mike Gross
Billy Hoff
Craig Cato
Toby Ragsdale
Genaro Moreno
Cory Gremonprez
Conrad Guthrie
Chris Nagel
Chena Nagel
Tracy Costigan
Chris Gerig
Gerald Costigan
(279) inc
(283) inc
(220) inc

March – Vegas League Complete Scoring (Download File)

Archery League Scoring

Archery Spot League
Thursdays at 6:30PM

Are you looking for a fun way to practice with your bow, make new friends and enjoy some laid back competition? The Saddle River Range Thursday night spot league is the place to be.
We shoot at 6:30 for 5 consecutive Thursday nights.

On the final night the scores are tallied and the top shooters are awarded gift cards.  The number of places paid is based on the number of participants.

Any age, shooting style or even shooting ability can win the league!  We utilize a handicapping system that does an incredible job of leveling the playing field for everyone.  The key to success in the league is to improve each week. The less experienced shooters or shooters using more challenging equipment have a lot more room to shoot a higher score each week than another shoot that shoots a near perfect score each week.

This time we will shoot a “Modified Vegas Round.” We will score the “X” as 11 pts making the perfect score 330. We will use the same 85% handicapping system as before.

If a shooter cant make it on Thursday night they can come in and shoot a make up at their convenience as long as all scores are in before the final nights round is complete

SRR Members: $10.00
Non-members: $60.00

Interested? Sign up and pay at Saddle River Range!