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Firearms and Self-Defense Training Courses

Come experience the best firearms training and instruction in The Woodlands, Conroe and Spring Texas area! Saddle River Range’s cutting edge Shooter Development Academy offers training from beginner to expert.  We also have special instructors come in to offer unmatched training opportunities.

We offer License To Carry (formerly CHL) classes every weekend and some weekdays.  There is certainly a time convenient for you.  Our LTC classes are thorough and a great value that includes a full lunch, range time and discounts for every participant.

Whether you are interested in enhancing your personal protection capabilities, becoming more familiar and proficient with different firearm platforms, tightening your grouping for good old fashioned target shooting, or picking up a firearm for the first time, there is a course for you!  We welcome all levels and are glad to be the preferred place for ladies in our area.

We offer private instruction to anyone who wants extra attention, or can put together a class for your group, organization, or company.

Basic Firearms Training Courses

Start from the basic foundation and move up through our building block program with handguns or rifles, or bring in proof of requisite experience to directly enter any of our intermediate or advanced courses. With smaller class sizes and more one on one attention from our highly qualified cadre of instructors, you will be equipped to reach your goals and perform at peak potential.

  • Basic Handgun  – This class will familiarize you with your handgun, go over the function, cleaning and proper care of your gun.  It will also teach you the basics of care, safety and handling of firearms generally.
  • Basic Handgun 2 – A more advanced course on the care and handling of firearms for more experienced shooters.
  • License To Carry – Prep – A course to fully prepare the student to pass the shooting requirement of the LTC (CHL) class as prescribed by the state of Texas.  We cover all the practice rounds necessary, how the points are scored and work with you to gain the proficiency and confidence required.
  • License To Carry (CHL)– This is the state mandated course for anyone who wishes to carry a firearm in Texas.  We offer a full LTC (CHL) course every weekend and some weekdays.  Our courses come with a full lunch, range time and thank you discount for every student.

Defensive Firearms Training Courses

These courses will introduce students to the important skills needed to safely and effectively protect themselves with a variety of defensive tools and techniques.

  • Defensive Handgun: The Draw – This course is designed to teach you to safely and confidently draw your weapon from its holster.  This is an under practiced area by most shooters.  It is important you can do it when needed and do it safely.  It will also qualify you to practice your draw and shoot from the holster at Saddle River.
  • Defensive Handgun: Using A Flash Light –Night time is different than day time.  We will cover how to utilize a flash light in a tactical situation.  This defensive course will teach you fundamentals as well as important advanced techniques.
  • Defensive Handgun: Cover and Movement – When you are in a defensive tactical situation the use of cover and moving at the right times is critical.  This course will give you a solid understanding and capability to use cover, concealment, and movement to stay one step ahead.
  • Defensive Handgun: Shooting Techniques – In a defensive situation you need to have confidence.  This course will cover a number of scenarios and situations where different techniques and thinking are required.

Special Firearms Training Events

These reoccurring events allow for multiple weekly or monthly opportunities to train with our staff and other like-minded individuals. Shoot and socialize with the Ladies Shooting Club or work your reloads and target transitions in Practice with a Purpose, our training events will hone your skill as a shooter.


NRA Classes


The NRA is recognized nationally as the gold standard for safe firearm training, developing millions […]

Guest Instructors

Saddle River Range is partnering with the leading self defense and personal protection Instructors from across the nation to provide our customers with the best training available.

*********SRR coupons and discounts do not apply to guest instructors*********