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Introductory Self / Buddy aide

If you or a loved one were severely injured could you save a life with your level of training and available equipment???? Can you deploy a tourniquet?  Do you know how to control bleeding?  How do you use pressure bandages?

We will cover the following topics and techniques:

  • Applying bandages into wounds: use of clot promoting impregnated bandages to stop bleeding.
  • Application of commercial bandaging and techniques for reinforcement of break through bleeding.
  • Creation of improvised bandaging materials and techniques
  • Use of pressure points to help control blood flow in wounds
  • Discussion of available different models of tourniquets
  • Storage, deployment and application of tourniquets
  • Packaging and documenting a tourniquet placement
  • Techniques to carry self-aide/ buddy aide materials
  • Kit selection and adaptation to your daily environment


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