Situation Report: Practice With a Purpose

Practice with a Purpose By Thom Bolsch and Ron Mullins   One topic we’ve discussed in a number of our articles is practice.  If we don’t practice to respond to an incident; we will not be able to effectively react to an incident.  In any emergency situation, we will fall back to how we were trained.  If we have not trained, we could freeze or panic; not the best of responses. This month we have [...]

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Defensive Gun Use

By Thom Bolsch and Ron Mullins Let’s continue our discussion on Witness Responder.  However, let’s look at the self-protection perspective… There is a debate raging in this country on the benefits of firearms as a defensive tool against criminal violence.  We are going to delve into this debate; and as we always promise, we will only present the facts that we can confirm. First let’s get to the numbers… Our article is based on information [...]

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Witness Responder

This month we’ll take a little detour with an issue that is becoming more important, with less interest… The human species has been able to survive, thrive and prosper because we have come together in communities supporting a broader society.  We watch each other’s back, we support both individual and communal projects that are in the best interest of the community and society and we prosper because of this collaboration. Today the community, and society [...]

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School Shooting

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch Last month an individual took a rifle that was legally purchased, entered their former high school and committed murder. Those are the facts surrounding this incident. The resultant media circus would lead you to believe that we have an epidemic of firearm induced murders at public institutions of learning.  They are promoting a public outrage oriented around “Our Children vs. The Second Amendment”.   But is that the real topic [...]

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Children and Guns

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch As adults we learn from those who are more experienced or from our own experiences.  Children are no different in how they learn.  However, learning about firearms should not be from personal experience!   When I grew up, there was an adult that provided a foundation for the safe use of any and all projectile devices.  Regardless of whether the device was a bow and arrow, a BB gun [...]

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Oh, Spare Me!–Should You Even Bother to Carry a Reload?

In this article our friends over at Recoil discuss the ins and outs of carrying a spare magazine for your EDC gun. Do you carry a reload and how do you carry it? Let us know in the comments! -Chris   Story by Tamara Keel, Photos by Dave Merrill Let’s get this out in the open: You can count the number of private-citizen defensive gun uses in the U.S. when a rapid reload made the [...]

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Your New Year’s Resolution: Visit the Range More!

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch   Happy New Year.  We’ve enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and probably been given some new, fun gifts (hopefully one or two that make bang noises!). We’re throwing away the 2017 calendar and tearing the plastic wrap off the 2018 calendar.  So with the new calendar and New Year comes the traditional act of resolutions.  We want to help you with some resolutions we know you can keep throughout [...]

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Staying Safe in Public

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch   Whether you are out shopping, at a holiday party, dinner with the family our even at church; today we are at a higher threat level than in the past. We have had several incidences recently where the public has been attacked in what would be considered relatively secure venues.   Physical violence does exist. It can materialize anywhere we might be. As the holidays approach and more people [...]

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Holiday Safety

By Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch We’re going to take a twist on the normal holiday safety article this year and go back in time to learn what we need to know for the future. It was the mid-1960; and boys around the age of 8 and 9 were being introduced to what would be considered today a para-military organization.  In reality it was just the Boy Scouts.  It was a place where fathers and [...]

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Buying a Conceal Carry Handgun

By: Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch At a recent social event, the topic of carrying concealed came up and one of the participants in the conversation asked “What’s the best conceal carry gun?”. Immediately participants in the conversation were suggesting various gun manufactures and specific handguns.  Additionally, recommendations such as “smallest compact”, thinnest” and every version of caliber available for a pistol were mentioned. Last month we discussed buying your first handgun, and the thought [...]

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