Archery: The Internet & YOU by Toby Ragsdale

Over the years I have seen a lot of changes in archery.  Bows are lighter, faster, more efficient and look cooler than ever before.  Arrows are lighter, stronger and straighter than ever.  There are also a lot more things that an archer can tinker with.   All of these are wonderful advancements.  Another "advancement" with archery (and every other aspect of your life) that is sometimes debatable is the internet.  While there is some useful information floating around out in cyberspace, there is [...]

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Don’t Be a Ripper by Toby Ragsdale

There are many aspects to making an accurate archery shot. Today's subject is shooting a release aid CORRECTLY. Over the years I have heard them called many things, most of which we certainly can't print here. but the most commonly misused name I hear is "quick-release." It certainly was not designed or intended to be anything remotely quick. Can it be rushed on those very rare times that you need to make a quick(er) shot? [...]

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Archery – Something for Everyone ​by ​Toby Ragsdale

As a kid I dreamed of playing for the Dallas Cowboys.  The only problem was when I finished my high school career I was too small, too slow, couldn’t throw well enough nor kick far enough so that dream never panned out.  Most sports require certain physical skills to master.  With archery, however it doesn’t matter if you can run, jump or throw. Archery is a mental game. Concentration and repetition.  It doesn’t matter if you are male [...]

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Weight in Flight by Corby Rowe

Welcome back Anchor Point Readers!   Last month Toby gave us insight on arrow flight when shooting broad heads in “Wings on the Front”.  In the article he briefly touched on the unsafe practice of shooting under spine arrows and how it affects the accuracy of your shot.  Have you seen the pictures of fragmented carbon arrows sticking out of people’s hands like porcupine quills? Why do people shoot an under spined arrow? Allow me to [...]

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Wings on the Front by Toby Ragsdale

With this sweltering heat it is hard to believe that hunting season is only a couple months away!  It's time to get the "huntin' rig" set-up and sighted in.   One of the most frequent questions I get from fellow bowhunters has to do with why their broadheads don't hit in the same place their field points did.  There are several possible answers. Number 1 and most importantly...they may weigh the same but THEY ARE DIFFERENT.  [...]

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Lock Time by Toby Ragsdale

In last month’s column Corby mentioned "Lock Time" which was the beginning of an in depth conversation between the two of us.  If you missed last month’s article, here is a brief recap of "lock time."  Lock time is that split second between the time you release the string and the point that the arrow is completely clear of the bow.  Let's see what we are dealing with. Using nice rounded figures, let's say you [...]

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The Technique Puzzle by Corby Rowe

Have you ever really considered how important your technique and form is to accuracy?  Last month I talked about Anchor Point.  Very important, you must agree.  But, what about the other pieces that form good technique?  There are seven more major pieces that, when combined, complete a technique puzzle that can increase your accuracy: stance; posture; body alignment; head alignment; grip; release and follow-through.  These pieces of good technique can be discussed at length and [...]

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Are you aiming or just pointing? by Toby Ragsdale

We have all heard the saying "Aim small, miss small," but what does that really mean?  Whether you are shooting a bow or a gun off-hand, "aiming" is a constant process of drift then correct, drift then correct.  Some lucky or gifted folks' "drift" is smaller than average and still others look like statues while aiming but don't be fooled.... EVERYONE has some "drift" in their aiming process. How you deal with it makes the [...]

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