Buying a Conceal Carry Handgun

By: Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch

At a recent social event, the topic of carrying concealed came up and one of the participants in the conversation asked “What’s the best conceal carry gun?”.

Immediately participants in the conversation were suggesting various gun manufactures and specific handguns.  Additionally, recommendations such as “smallest compact”, thinnest” and every version of caliber available for a pistol were mentioned.

Last month we discussed buying your first handgun, and the thought process of selecting a gun that meets your specific purpose for the gun.  Buying a carry gun requires as much if not more thought and consideration.

First: DON’T BUY THE CHEAPEST GUN IN THE GUN CASE!  And DON’T buy what your buddy, or the store salesperson says is the “best gun out there”.  Buying a gun is personal, buying a carry gun; even more so!

Second: Consider how you will carry the gun.  What will your daily activities allow?  Your lifestyle will impact your decision on how and what to carry.  Are you regularly behind the same desk every day, or with different people in a different office every other day?  Does your lifestyle allow for more casual clothes, or more business attire?  In this evaluation, determine how you would carry your gun every day – regardless of location or dress.  Experts recommend that the method of carry of a firearm for protective defense should be the same regardless of your various circumstances.  Responding to a threat is mostly muscle memory; and if your gun is moved to a different carry method based on changes in your situation or dress, your response will be clumsy and may cost you your life.  Once you recognize and understand your lifestyle limitations and/or restrictions, if any; then we can move to the next step.

Third: Find a friendly, knowledgeable gun shop.  One in particular comes to mind!

Fourth: Last week we discussed the feel and fit of buying your first gun.  The same is necessary for your first carry gun; with the added consideration of trying various holsters with various handguns with different carry methods.  You have to have the right fit and feel for the way you carry as well as the gun you carry.  (When deciding on my first carry gun, I spent more than two months checking out two dozen different guns and carry methods…)

Naturally, you’ll want a smaller gun; but the size is determined by your lifestyle, the method of carry and your attire.  I know people that conceal .45 caliber 1911s – their lifestyle, cloths and daily routine accommodates that gun for them.  I know others that carry a “pocket gun” as a result of various limitations and restrictions in their lifestyle and daily routine.  And there is everything in between.

Your Saddle River Range sales clerk will walk you through a process of trying the feel and fit of various handguns, carry methods and holsters.  Spend the time to find the right fit for you: you’ll be wearing this gear all day every day.  And you need to practice what you wear; but that’s a different article.

Stay Alert, Stay Safe,


© Copyright 2017 Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch


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