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Burglary of Residence Prevention Tips

Some great tips as vacation season is in full swing. Article Originally posted here. Burglary of Residence Prevention Tips 2017-07-05 / HSOI In my neighborhood NextDoor.com, one of the leads of the Neighborhood Watch posts periodic information about the crime in our area of Austin and how it can be prevented. His most recent post was on Burglary of Residence and some tips for reducing your risk. Here are some helpful tips to help prevent home burglaries. Some of [...]

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Texas House passes measure to reduce handgun license fee

Way to go Texas! We just went from our LTC fees being one of the highest in the nation to one of the lowest. This may cause a rush for those signing up for the LTC class required by the State to obtain this License so come on in and sign up or do so on our website here. Enter coupon code "2atrain15" at check out to receive 15% off your class. Hurry, this offer [...]

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10 Tips for Surviving a Terrorist Vehicle Attack

Written by: Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training Originally published here . In the event you missed it, there was an ISIS terrorist vehicle ramming attack in London last Saturday night. This attack followed another ISIS vehicle attack on a second bridge in London, as well as previous Islamic vehicle terror attacks in France, Canada, Israel, and Germany. The United States has not been immune from such attacks either. In fact, one of the first Islamic [...]

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Conroe “Guntry Club” With Private Club Amenities Offers Unique Shooting Experience to Public

By Erik Barajas Thursday, June 01, 2017 11:09PM CONROE, Texas (KTRK) -- One foot inside Saddle River Range in Conroe and it is apparent from the comfy digs, personalized service and even gourmet food that this place is not your grandfather's gun range. This is a "guntry club." Just beyond the front doors, hundreds of the latest guns are on display for purchase. Off in the distance, food sizzles at the cafe and in the [...]

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Suspicious Behavior

In many of our articles we discuss awareness and observation as a primary foundation to personal safety. But what really are we looking for when we pay attention? For most of us, our normal assessment application is to look at appearances.  If it looks like a “dirt bag”; we will conclude that it is a “dirt bag”.  As an example: if we saw a young person in droopy pants and a hoodie in a nice [...]

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Heart Failure and CPR

We are going to take a break from personal protection this month and touch on a topic that probably has a greater potential of personal impact… Heart Attack, Heart Failure, Cardiac Arrest! What do this words have in common?  They describe a medical emergency in which the heart stops pumping blood through the body. The CDC considers Heart Failure as the number one risk of death in America; at over 600,000 deaths a year (a [...]

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Saddle River Range opens elite store within The Woodlands location

THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- Saddle River Range, a premier indoor firearms and archery range in Montgomery County, recently celebrated the grand opening of its Sig Sauer Elite Store. “There are only 29 Sig Sauer Elite Stores in the nation, and we are honored to have earned the right to host the newest one,” said Thom Bolsch, owner of Saddle River Range. Bolsch is a former member of the United States Secret Service, having been on [...]

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Victim: Woman!

By: Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch   Police Officers, Military Personnel, CCW Holders dress for that moment that everyone prays won't happen.   When you get ready in the morning; do you consider shoes, handbags, jewelry or firearm, extra magazines, flashlight, knife?  What we wear and how we wear it may impact the activities of our day – and could be the difference between normal day, assault or death.   Whether we like it, or want [...]

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