Archery – Something for Everyone ​by ​Toby Ragsdale

As a kid I dreamed of playing for the Dallas Cowboys.  The only problem was when I finished my high school career I was too small, too slow, couldn’t throw well enough nor kick far enough so that dream never panned out.  Most sports require certain physical skills to master.  With archery, however it doesn’t matter if you can run, jump or throw. Archery is a mental game. Concentration and repetition.  It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, 6’5’ or 3’6”.  Even personal strength has  little effect because there is a huge difference between “Archery Strong” and “Weight Room Strong”.

Shooting a bow utilizes muscles that most people rarely use, so everyone pretty much starts from scratch as far as muscle conditioning.  That bow that is a struggle to shoot your first day will feel like a wet noodle within a few weeks. There are some fantastic archers with severe handicaps.

Some in wheelchairs. Some missing an arm.  One guy, Matt Stutzman, has no arms.  The fact that he can shoot a bow at all is impressive, but the fact that this guy is a world class professional is astounding and proves that if you want to do it badly enough, you can do it.  Google him. Pure inspiration.

Archery can also be as relaxed or as intense as you want to make it.  Some folks like to shoot just for relaxation, to “blow off some steam”.  Others as a family, with some good natured competition.

Some folks shoot only in preparation of hunting season so when that once in a lifetime shot comes along, they’re ready.  If you desire, you can take it to the next level with local competitions. If that doesn’t quench your competitive thirst you can go on to State, National, World or Olympic competitions.  How seriously you take it is totally up to you!

I think I’ll go shoot my bow while I wait for the Cowboys (or Texans) to call…..

See Ya At The Range


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