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thom bolsch

Thom BolschProprietor
A resident of The Woodlands, TX, Thom is a graduate of Pace University in New York where he earned a BBA in business management. After graduation, Mr. Bolsch was selected for a position with the US Secret Service (USSS) and entered into service in 1989. In the training academy, Mr. Bolsch excelled in the use of firearms and tactics and was awarded the Marksmanship award for his class. Mr. Bolsch’s 25-year career with the USSS began at the White House where he worked his way through the ranks to become a team leader with the elite tactical unit, the Emergency Response Team (ERT). He then served as a Special Agent in the Washington and New York Field Offices before being selected for an assignment with the Presidential Protective Division (PPD). After his PPD assignment, Mr. Bolsch spent five years as an instructor at the USSS training facility where he taught other Special Agents and recruits the USSS protective methodologies, weapons handling and tactics as well as investigations. Mr. Bolsch concluded his long and distinguished career as a supervisor in the Houston Field Office.

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toby ragsdale

Toby RagsdaleArchery Manager
Growing up in one of the best known archery families in the country, Toby was introduced to archery at age five. Since then archery remains his lifelong passion. Over a span of five decades Toby has competed in disciplines from traditional/recurve to compound unlimited, winning local, state and national tournaments indoors and out. Toby’s knowledge and experience goes beyond paper and 3D targets and “into the woods”! As an avid bowhunter, Toby is always ready to share experiences with other bowhunters. Toby’s passion for archery led him to work for PSE Archery at their Tucson, AZ factory for six years. During that time he gained valuable insight and experience in assembly, repairs, customer service and design. While Toby enjoys hunting and competitive shooting, his favorite archery activity is coaching. He believes good form and shot execution are the foundation of accuracy, but more importantly, ARCHERY SHOULD BE FUN!

brandi rowe

Brandie RoweTeam Administrator

brendan mcgloin

Brendan “B-Mac” McGloinPrimary Gunsmith
Brendan is a United States Air Force veteran who served, over 20 years, from USAF Security Forces to Chief of the Precision Weapons section at the USAF Gunsmith Shop in San Antonio, Texas. He held firearm certifications in a multitude of areas which included close quarters combat through tactical and long-range precision engagement. He represented the Air Force as a member of the USAF National Pistol Team for nearly a decade, including serving as its Non-Commissioned Officer In Charge (NCOIC) for over 5 years. For over a decade he was the only USAF Airman building, tuning and modifying firearms used by the USAF National Shooting Teams and tuning precision engagement equipment, which required his expertise. He trained closely with US Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Civilian specialists and Gunsmiths to prefect his skills. He has trained rifleman, national champion pistol shooters and junior rifle and pistol shooters throughout the country. He is well versed in machining, design, metal refinishing, troubleshooting, fabrication and general gunsmithing for any imaginable platform and requirement.