July 2017

Don’t Take Murphy on your hunt!

July 13th, 2017|News|

OK Bowhunters!

Our favorite time of year is fast approaching and I’m sure that you are as excited as I am. Right now you are busy finding places to hunt, scouting out places that you already have, planting food plots, working extra hours to build up some time off or any one of a thousand other things to get ready.

I have been doing this for a long time and have probably (hopefully) made every possible mistake, so I thought I would make some notes and hopefully save you some disappointment.

While you are hustling around doing the multitude of things that have to be done, DO NOT overlook your equipment. What follows is my list of things to check and things to do so that you can keep the infamous Mr. Murphy from joining you on your next hunt.



  1. Check the strings.

How long have they been on there? If you don’t know, change them. Now. If it is more than 2 years, I would change them.

Look at the serving. Is there a gap in the serving in or around the D-Loop? Does it show a lot of wear from the nock? If so, have it re-served.

Check the axle-to-axle length, brace height and cam timing. If they are off, the strings have either stretched from extended use or they are worn out. Each bow make/model are different so you may need to bring it to us if you are not familiar with these specs. If they are off too far, the strings will need to be replaced.

Check the actual stands of the string. Are any of them broken or loose? If so, replace. Are they “fuzzy”? If so, apply a good coat of string wax and rub it in.

Is the D-Loop tied correctly? Or does […]

Federal judge throws out effort by UT professors to overturn campus carry

July 8th, 2017|News|


Originally posted in the Texas Tribune here.  

LTC CHL License to Carry the woodlands Texas firearms

A federal judge has dismissed a longshot lawsuit filed by three University of Texas at Austin professors seeking to overturn the state’s 2015 campus carry law, which allows people to carry concealed handguns inside most public university buildings.

District Judge Lee Yeakel wrote in his decision that the professors — Jennifer Lynn Glass, Lisa Moore and Mia Carter — couldn’t present any “concrete evidence to substantiate their fears” that campus carry would have a chilling effect on free speech.

The professors claimed, among other arguments, that the law violated their First Amendment rights since the possibility of a gun being in their classrooms might make them hesitant to discuss controversial issues. In dismissing the suit, Yeakel said the professors didn’t have standing to sue.

But Renea Hicks, the attorney representing the three UT professors, said the specifics of the ruling leave the case’s future uncertain. While Yeakel threw out the case entirely, he only addressed the question of a First Amendment violation and not the plaintiffs’ other legal arguments.


“We had other claims in the lawsuit beyond that — a Second Amendment claim, an equal protection claim. The order accompanying his dismissal doesn’t seem to address those issues,” Hicks said in an interview Friday. “So there’s a bit of confusion on our part.”

Hicks, who had not yet conferred with his clients when reached Friday, said he is not sure what course of action he and the plaintiffs will take. They have 28 days from July 6 to ask Yeakel for clarification and 30 days to file an appeal […]

Burglary of Residence Prevention Tips

July 6th, 2017|News|

Some great tips as vacation season is in full swing.

Article Originally posted here.

Burglary of Residence Prevention Tips

In my neighborhood NextDoor.com, one of the leads of the Neighborhood Watch posts periodic information about the crime in our area of Austin and how it can be prevented. His most recent post was on Burglary of Residence and some tips for reducing your risk.

Here are some helpful tips to help prevent home burglaries. Some of these are common sense strategies but sometimes we as citizens become comfortable in our surrounds and think it will never happen to use. This was my thought before we got broken into. Being PROACTIVE IS THE KEY. Doing these will limit your chances of being burglarized but will not prevent all burglaries. If someone wants to get into your home and they have time/means/opportunity, they will get in. Property Crimes are crimes of opportunity. Criminals have the means, they have the motive but let’s not give them the opportunity to steal from us.

1. Lock all of your doors. This means front, back and the door in your garage at ALL TIMES. Even when we are home. This will not give a potential burglar the opportunity to just walk in when they want when you or your family are home.

2. Dogs are the #1 Deterrent to a burglar. I recommend putting up Beware of Dog signs. Even if you don’t own a dog, put one up. The burglar will never know if you do or do not have a dog. They will just move onto another home. A Beware of Cat sign does not work 😉

3. NEVER open your front door to someone you don’t know. ALWAYS let them know that you […]

Are YOU the First Responder?

July 6th, 2017|News|

By Thom Bolsch and Ron Mullins

We all expect that a Fire Truck, Ambulance or Law Enforcement Officer will be the first to the scene of an incident; that is why we refer to these professionals as “First Responders”!

But how did these “First Responders” know to respond?

Someone witnessed an incident and called “911”.  Which means that witness, the first person on scene is “the” first responder.  With that thought; how would you react if you were first on scene or witness to an accident?  Would you know what to do?

Let’s get a little closer to home…  What if:  your child broke their arm, a co-worker choked on a piece of chicken at lunch, your daughter burned her hand trying to prepare dinner?

We are human, we are living in a real world and we are at risk – each and every one of us – each and every day.  Can you handle the care necessary to deal with a broken bone, choking or a bad burn?

This month’s issue of Situation Report will begin a discussion on medical trauma.  Please note, this article will not provide EMT training, but will offer some basics and hopefully ignite a desire to learn how to help your family, your friends and your co-workers in the event of a medical emergency.

We will begin the dialogue as a witness and walk through a basic triage of care…

Step 1: Assess/Evaluate the area for hazards; you don’t want to be a second victim.

Step 2: Call for help.  Call 911 if you have access to a phone or have a passerby call.

Step 3: Care for the injured person.

In caring for the injured person; we want to check for the following:

  1. Are they RESPONSIVE?  Alert with eyes open and talking or passed out.
  2. Are they BREATHING?
  3. Is there a PULSE?
  4. […]

June 2017

Texas House passes measure to reduce handgun license fee

June 13th, 2017|News|

Way to go Texas! We just went from our LTC fees being one of the highest in the nation to one of the lowest. This may cause a rush for those signing up for the LTC class required by the State to obtain this License so come on in and sign up or do so on our website here.

Enter coupon code “2atrain15” at check out to receive 15% off your class.

Hurry, this offer is only valid until Father’s Day (Sunday June 18th).

Oh, and the class includes a meal at our incredible Cafe 2A!

Originally posted by the Texas Tribune here .

LTC CHL License to Carry the woodlands Texas firearms

The Texas House on Tuesday gave tentative approval to a proposal that would significantly reduce the fee for a license to carry a handgun.

The 111-30 vote came after the addition of an amendment by state Rep. Jeff Leach, R-Plano, that would waive the fee for peace officers to get a license to carry a gun.

The proposal, Senate Bill 16 by state Sen. Robert Nichols, R-Jacksonville, would would reduce the first-time fee for a license to carry from $140 to $40 and the annual renewal fee from $70 to $40. The fee would cover the Department of Public Safety’s cost to administer the license program as well as $27 needed for county, state and federal background checks, Nichols has said.

“I think it’s important we have a license to carry because it means you have proper training in the handling of a firearm,” an author of the bill’s House companion, state Rep. Phil King, R-Weatherford, said Tuesday. “The problem is we have the third-highest fee [for a license to carry] in the nation.”

Other than King, 22 members […]

10 Tips for Surviving a Terrorist Vehicle Attack

June 7th, 2017|News|

Written by: Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training

Originally published here .

In the event you missed it, there was an ISIS terrorist vehicle ramming attack in London last Saturday night.

This attack followed another ISIS vehicle attack on a second bridge in London, as well as previous Islamic vehicle terror attacks in France, Canada, Israel, and Germany. The United States has not been immune from such attacks either. In fact, one of the first Islamic terrorist vehicle attacks occurred in North Carolina in 2006. Another occurred last year on the campus of the Ohio State University.

Why all the vehicle attacks? The ISIS propaganda publication Rumiyah has specifically called for Muslim terrorists to use vehicles and knives as weapons against the Western world.

training LTC CHL


“The latest issue of Rumiyah, a new magazine from the terror group aimed at English-language speakers, included an article titled “Just Terror Tactics” that outlined ideal vehicles to use in terror attacks as well as ideal targets.

“Though being an essential part of modern life, very few actually comprehend the deadly and destructive capability of the motor vehicle and its capacity of reaping large numbers of casualties if used in a premeditated manner,” the article said.

The article also cited the attack in Nice, France, in July, in which a supposed ISIS supporter killed 86 people by plowing into a crowd with a truck on Bastille Day.

“Vehicles are like knives, as they are extremely easy to acquire,” the article said.”
ISIS magazine advocating vehicle attacks.

Clearly, terrorist vehicle attacks are on the rise. What can we do to prevent being killed in such an attack? Here are a few useful tips to keep you alive.

1) Face traffic when walking along the street. These attacks really aren’t preventable. Your best bet is to see the […]

Conroe “Guntry Club” With Private Club Amenities Offers Unique Shooting Experience to Public

June 2nd, 2017|News|

One foot inside Saddle River Range in Conroe and it is apparent from the comfy digs, personalized service and even gourmet food that this place is not your grandfather’s gun range. This is a “guntry club.”

Just beyond the front doors, hundreds of the latest guns are on display for purchase. Off in the distance, food sizzles at the cafe and in the rear of the facility, air-conditioned shooting lanes await guests.

The idea of a high-tech gun range in a country club atmosphere is the brainchild of former Secret Service agent Thom Bolsch.

“When we take the guns out, we can be shoulder to shoulder and I can explain the guns to you right from the counter,” said Bolsch of the personalized service his staff provides in the 5,000 square feet of retail space.

Handguns are out on the floor.

If it’s a long gun you are looking for, an array is on the wall. Saddle River Range also has hunting rifles and shotguns along with precision rifles and the best selling AR’s. For the undecided buyer, there is a rental fleet to get trigger happy with before you purchase a new gun.

“The only way to find out if that gun is the right one for you is to actually pull the trigger on it,” said Bolsch.

Whether you are a beginner looking for a lesson or would just like your shooting position evaluated, Saddle River Range’s trainers of ex-military and law enforcement background can help improve any shot.

All shooting lanes are air-conditioned and filtered to pump in fresh outside air to remove any pollutants form spent shells. Every shooting lane has a camera on it, […]

May 2017

Suspicious Behavior

May 4th, 2017|News|

In many of our articles we discuss awareness and observation as a primary foundation to personal safety.
But what really are we looking for when we pay attention?

For most of us, our normal assessment application is to look at appearances.  If it looks like a “dirt bag”; we will conclude that it is a “dirt bag”.  As an example: if we saw a young person in droopy pants and a hoodie in a nice neighborhood, we might think that suspicious.  The problem is our suspicions are biased with a preconceived assessment based on appearance.  The flaw in this assessment is that we may miss the action or behavior that is the foundation of a crime because the actor seems to “fit”.

What if you witnessed an attractive, “clean cut” teen walking down the street; but at every car passed, they were pulling on the handles of the doors of the cars seeing if one is unlocked!  The act, not the appearance should be the foundation of our witness and the reason for suspicion.   The appearance of the teen would generally be ignored, but the actions would indicate suspicious, and possibly criminal activity.

As concerned citizens we keep an eye on our blocks, we scope out the parking lot at work and while shopping and scan our surroundings as we travel.  Are we looking for people that appear “out of place”, or the actions that we witness as “out of place” or inappropriate!

Here are few “behaviors, or actions” that are suspicious regardless of the look of the actor:  1) Peering in parked cars, or “trying the door handle”, 2) Vehicle sitting in the same place for a long time with the engine running (a pool of water under the car from the AC, an accumulation of trash or cigarettes beside the vehicle, etc.), 3) […]

April 2017

Heart Failure and CPR

April 4th, 2017|News|

We are going to take a break from personal protection this month and touch on a topic that probably has a greater potential of personal impact…

Heart Attack, Heart Failure, Cardiac Arrest!

What do this words have in common?  They describe a medical emergency in which the heart stops pumping blood through the body.

The CDC considers Heart Failure as the number one risk of death in America; at over 600,000 deaths a year (a fourth of all deaths in America are attributed to heart failure).  And heart decease impacts Americans of all race, gender and personal persuasion equally.  It’s an equal opportunity killer!

We think it’s important to understand that heart failure does not have to kill.  It can be addressed.  Victims can continue their life “IF” immediate action is taken.

The heart is the ONLY organ that pushes blood throughout the body – most importantly into the brain.  When the heart stops, blood stops going to the brain; and research by the American Heart Association confirms that for each minute there is no oxygenated blood flowing to the brain, there is a 7-10% probability of brain damage.  (Doing the math; that means 15 minutes with no blood flow equals 100% probability that the brain is dead.)

Earlier “immediate action” was mentioned in allowing a heart attack victim to continue their life.  That immediate action is the external compression of the chest to manually make the heart pump blood.  The act of externally compressing the chest gets blood to flow; and it gets blood into the brain.

Modern medicine can almost make miracles happen, organs can be replaced, artificial limbs allow for mobility; but we do not have a fix for a dead brain!  When the heart stops working, time is critical in keeping the brain alive so doctors can work their magic on the rest […]

March 2017

Faces of The Woodlands: Meet former Secret Service agent Thom Bolsch, owner of Saddle River Range

March 28th, 2017|News|


What You Should Do When Caught In A Chaotic Crowded Situation

March 17th, 2017|News|

Saddle River Ranges’ Thom Bolsch

Saddle River Range opens elite store within The Woodlands location

March 7th, 2017|News|

THE WOODLANDS, Texas — Saddle River Range, a premier indoor firearms and archery range in Montgomery County, recently celebrated the grand opening of its Sig Sauer Elite Store.

“There are only 29 Sig Sauer Elite Stores in the nation, and we are honored to have earned the right to host the newest one,” said Thom Bolsch, owner of Saddle River Range. Bolsch is a former member of the United States Secret Service, having been on two Presidential details, and is a strong proponent of the Sig Sauer, the weapon of choice for the agency. “Additionally, we are the only Sig Sauer Elite Store in the Houston and surrounding areas.”

Saddle River Range offers a public firearms shooting range, an archery bay that includes 3D targets, a full simulator room for non-projectile shooting, classroom space, a gunsmith, weapons and ammunition fitting all needs, Café 2A, and the elite Crockett Club, an exclusive members-only area that features a private range and other upscale amenities.

Published: http://www.woodlandsonline.com


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