May 2017

Suspicious Behavior

May 4th, 2017|News|

In many of our articles we discuss awareness and observation as a primary foundation to personal safety.
But what really are we looking for when we pay attention?

For most of us, our normal assessment application is to look at appearances.  If it looks like a “dirt bag”; we will conclude that it is a “dirt bag”.  As an example: if we saw a young person in droopy pants and a hoodie in a nice neighborhood, we might think that suspicious.  The problem is our suspicions are biased with a preconceived assessment based on appearance.  The flaw in this assessment is that we may miss the action or behavior that is the foundation of a crime because the actor seems to “fit”.

What if you witnessed an attractive, “clean cut” teen walking down the street; but at every car passed, they were pulling on the handles of the doors of the cars seeing if one is unlocked!  The act, not the appearance should be the foundation of our witness and the reason for suspicion.   The appearance of the teen would generally be ignored, but the actions would indicate suspicious, and possibly criminal activity.

As concerned citizens we keep an eye on our blocks, we scope out the parking lot at work and while shopping and scan our surroundings as we travel.  Are we looking for people that appear “out of place”, or the actions that we witness as “out of place” or inappropriate!

Here are few “behaviors, or actions” that are suspicious regardless of the look of the actor:  1) Peering in parked cars, or “trying the door handle”, 2) Vehicle sitting in the same place for a long time with the engine running (a pool of water under the car from the AC, an accumulation of trash or cigarettes beside the vehicle, etc.), 3) […]

April 2017

Heart Failure and CPR

April 4th, 2017|News|

We are going to take a break from personal protection this month and touch on a topic that probably has a greater potential of personal impact…

Heart Attack, Heart Failure, Cardiac Arrest!

What do this words have in common?  They describe a medical emergency in which the heart stops pumping blood through the body.

The CDC considers Heart Failure as the number one risk of death in America; at over 600,000 deaths a year (a fourth of all deaths in America are attributed to heart failure).  And heart decease impacts Americans of all race, gender and personal persuasion equally.  It’s an equal opportunity killer!

We think it’s important to understand that heart failure does not have to kill.  It can be addressed.  Victims can continue their life “IF” immediate action is taken.

The heart is the ONLY organ that pushes blood throughout the body – most importantly into the brain.  When the heart stops, blood stops going to the brain; and research by the American Heart Association confirms that for each minute there is no oxygenated blood flowing to the brain, there is a 7-10% probability of brain damage.  (Doing the math; that means 15 minutes with no blood flow equals 100% probability that the brain is dead.)

Earlier “immediate action” was mentioned in allowing a heart attack victim to continue their life.  That immediate action is the external compression of the chest to manually make the heart pump blood.  The act of externally compressing the chest gets blood to flow; and it gets blood into the brain.

Modern medicine can almost make miracles happen, organs can be replaced, artificial limbs allow for mobility; but we do not have a fix for a dead brain!  When the heart stops working, time is critical in keeping the brain alive so doctors can work their magic on the rest […]

March 2017

Faces of The Woodlands: Meet former Secret Service agent Thom Bolsch, owner of Saddle River Range

March 28th, 2017|News|


What You Should Do When Caught In A Chaotic Crowded Situation

March 17th, 2017|News|

Saddle River Ranges’ Thom Bolsch

Saddle River Range opens elite store within The Woodlands location

March 7th, 2017|News|

THE WOODLANDS, Texas — Saddle River Range, a premier indoor firearms and archery range in Montgomery County, recently celebrated the grand opening of its Sig Sauer Elite Store.

“There are only 29 Sig Sauer Elite Stores in the nation, and we are honored to have earned the right to host the newest one,” said Thom Bolsch, owner of Saddle River Range. Bolsch is a former member of the United States Secret Service, having been on two Presidential details, and is a strong proponent of the Sig Sauer, the weapon of choice for the agency. “Additionally, we are the only Sig Sauer Elite Store in the Houston and surrounding areas.”

Saddle River Range offers a public firearms shooting range, an archery bay that includes 3D targets, a full simulator room for non-projectile shooting, classroom space, a gunsmith, weapons and ammunition fitting all needs, Café 2A, and the elite Crockett Club, an exclusive members-only area that features a private range and other upscale amenities.



Victim: Woman!

March 7th, 2017|News|

By: Ron Mullins and Thom Bolsch


Police Officers, Military Personnel, CCW Holders dress for that moment that everyone prays won’t happen.


When you get ready in the morning; do you consider shoes, handbags, jewelry or firearm, extra magazines, flashlight, knife?  What we wear and how we wear it may impact the activities of our day – and could be the difference between normal day, assault or death.


Whether we like it, or want to accept it, women are at greater risk of being the target of an attack!  What to consider.


Rapists look for an easy target:  In two different research reports that surveyed convicted rapists, they shared their targeting considerations.  (This is disturbing; but important for every woman to know.)


  1. Hair style:  is the target wearing a pony tail, bun or braid? Either are easy to grab and control the victim.
  2. Clothing style: is she in a dress or skirt? Either are easily removed
  3. Distraction: is she on the phone, digging in her purse? The target is not aware and can be caught off guard and easily overpowered.
  4. Location: target rich environments include grocery store parking lots, mall/office parking garages and public restrooms.


The attacker’s strategy:  Grab the victim quickly, over power her and drag her to a remote area where they will not be seen.


Victim Proofing:  Stay Alert!  Being seen as aware of your surroundings is a KEY deterrent.  If you think you are being stalked; Make Eye Contact, engage in conversation, collect information.  If the attacker thinks you could identify them as an attacker, they may look for another target.  Paying attention to details.  Important facts to observe: clothing (style, color and images), tattoos, hair color, jewelry, ethnicity, build and smell.


Fight Back:  Any “fight”, “scene” or resistance that can bring attention to you and your attacker may cause the attacker to release and […]

Best of the Best

March 6th, 2017|News|

Saddle River Range was featured in Review It magazine’s March 2017 issue as one of the best places to work in The Woodlands!

Read it here!!


February 2017

Trigger Finger Positioning, Hand Clenches, and Accidental Discharges

February 28th, 2017|News|

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I was recently contacted by an experienced handgun instructor to help him reconstruct the events of an accidental shooting.  This instructor shot himself while re-holstering after doing a demonstration during a basic concealed handgun class.


I know what you are thinking….


“He shouldn’t have had his finger on the trigger when he was putting the gun in the holster.”


“I bet he was using a Blackhawk Serpa holster.”


Nope.  Neither was true.


He is an experienced instructor and competitive shooter, receiving professional training from the best in the business.  He has good weapon handling skills.  I have seen him draw and shoot and know that he doesn’t casually keep his finger on the trigger while holstering.  It was a somewhat baffling dilemma.  And that’s why he contacted me.


He told me: “Greg, I know how guns work.  I’m not blaming this on the gun or the holster.  I know that I had to have pulled the trigger for the gun to go off.  But I’ve been doing this a long time and I know not to have my finger on the trigger when I’m not actually shooting.  I just don’t understand how it happened.”


I met him in order to try to reconstruct what happened.  He wore the same gun (unloaded) and holster and walked me through the events of the day leading up to the shooting.


He was doing a demonstration of close quarters retention shooting for his CCW class.  Standing in close proximity to a cardboard target, he drew his gun, fired a couple rounds from retention and re-holstered.  He explained that he repeated the demonstration and fired a few more shots from retention.  The then thought he should demonstrate the value […]

‘Guntry clubs’ aim to bring country club feel to traditional gun ranges

February 23rd, 2017|News|

By Sara Donchey – Anchor/Reporter


HOUSTON – Gun ranges across the state of Texas seem to be following a new trend, and experts said it’s intended to attract a broader crowd to the shooting sports.

“Guntry clubs,” as they have been dubbed, are appearing in different parts of Texas and are intended to bring a country club feel to traditional gun ranges.

“The old days of coming to a gun range or gun store and not really being treated too well are long gone,” said Thom Bolsch, owner of the Saddle River Range near The Woodlands. “Everyone is trying to get in the 21st century to really take care of their customers.”

Bolsch, an ex-Secret Service agent, opened the range in 2015 and designed it to be as comfortable as possible for patrons.

“We try to make it a destination and not just a place where people come to shoot,” Bolsch said.

That destination includes a café, archery range, retail shop, shooting simulator and a private, members-only club with its own gun range and lounge.

Similar luxury ranges have popped up in other parts of the state, including the $12 million Frisco Gun Club, which opened north of Dallas in 2013. That club boasts a cigar lounge, craft beer bar and even a concierge for members.

Patrons of the Saddle River Range seem to be impressed with the customer service-oriented atmosphere one might associate with a high-end hotel or restaurant.

“They’re very family-friendly,” said Barney Bennett, who brings his two children to the range. “I can bring my little one and he’s able to shoot and get in there and have fun.”

Another “guntry club” development is planned for Sienna Plantation in 2018.

Work is underway to design and plan the Brazos Shooting & Social Club, and construction is set to begin […]

When Will the Hearing Protection Act Pass?

February 14th, 2017|News|

The Hearing Protection Act of 2017—H.R. 367, introduced by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) and John Carter (R-TX)—resurrects a 2015 proposal by then-Arizona Rep. Matt Salmon to ease suppressor ownership restrictions on law-abiding citizens.

For more than 80 years, suppressors have been exiled to a list of National Firearms Act (NFA) items created in 1934—when Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in the White House. Ownership of suppressors is generally legal, but qualifying to take one home requires onerous and time-consuming requirements such as, but not limited to, fingerprints, photographs, notifying your local chief law enforcement officer, a background check and a $200 tax stamp.

The Hearing Protection Act, in simplest terms, aims to eliminate the tax stamp and effectively reduce the six-to-nine-month wait—in the 42 states where ownership is legal—by requiring only a NICS background check and a 4473. The bill, as currently written, also refunds money to those who started the purchase process while legislation was pending. It sounds like an easy victory, considering the current administration, but it’s too early to put this one in the win column.

The ground game is ongoing, with the latest proposals—H.R. 367 and S.R. 59 (Sen. Mike Crapo, R-ID, co-sponsored by Jerry Moran, R-KS, and Rand Paul, R-KY)—introduced on Jan. 9, 2017. Both would remove suppressors from NFA listing, and they have garnered 97 and 7 co-sponsors, respectively.

The House version has been referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Investigations. Ten Republicans and 7 Democrats make up the current membership, though, it’s particularly good news when coupled with the number of sponsors and the fact the entire voting body of the House has 435 members with 240 of them Republican.

The Senate side, on the other hand, is where […]

17 SIG ProductVideo LevelPlex Final

February 3rd, 2017|News|

Mega TV segment at Saddle River Range

February 3rd, 2017|News|


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