Here is our full list of all available  firearm rentals from single action revolvers to full automatics rifles!


F1 Firearms AR-15 SBR- Full Auto

FN SCAR CQC- Full Auto

Axelson Tactical     Axe15

Daniel Defense        DDM4VII

Daniel Defense        DDM4V5LW

FN Police Shotgun

IWI             Tavor

Marlin         Model 1894

Ruger           Sr556

Ruger           Ar556

S&W           M&P 15

S&W           M&P 15-22

Sig Sauer       516

Ruger           357 Mag

Ruger           Sr9

Ruger           Sr9c

Ruger           Lcr

Ruger           Sp101

Ruger           Lc9s

Ruger           American

Sig Sauer                 P938 standard

Sig Sauer                 P938 SAS

Sig Sauer                 P320 Compact

Sig Sauer                 C3 1911

Sig Sauer                 P238 Spartan

Sig Sauer                 P238 FDE

Sig Sauer                 P320 Carry

Sig Sauer                 P320 Compact

Sig Sauer                 P320 Subcompact

Sig Sauer                 P229

Sig Sauer                 1911 Scorpion

Sig Sauer                 P226

Springfield  Xdm9 Compact

Springfield  Xdm9

Springfield  Xdm40

Springfield  Xds9

Springfield  Xds9

Springfield  Xdm40

Springfield  Xdm9

Springfield  Xde9

Beretta         92f

Cz  P09

Cz  Sp01


Glock           19

Glock           17 MOS

Glock           21

Glock           19 Gen 4

Glock           43

Glock           20

Glock           17

Glock           42

Glock           30

Glock           19 MOS

Glock           27

Glock           34

Glock           43

Glock           41

Glock           26

Glock           17 Gen 3

Glock           26

H&K            Usp Tactical

H&K            Vp9

H&K            Vp9

H&K            P30

Walther       Ppq

Walther       Pps

Wilson Combat       Protector

Wilson Combat       Professional

S&W           M&P9

S&W           Model 19-5

S&W           M&P45 Shield

S&W           M&P9 Tactical

S&W           M&P9c

S&W           M&P22c

S&W           Model 29-6

S&W           M&P22c

S&W           1911

S&W           Bodyguard

S&W           Bodyguard w/ laser

S&W           Victory

S&W           Model 10-6

S&W           M&P 9 Performance Center

S&W           M&P 40c

S&W           M&P 40

S&W           1911

S&W           M&P9 Shield Performance Center

S&W           Airweight

S&W           Governor

S&W           Bodyguard

S&W           M&P9 Shield

S&W           1911pc

S&W           M&P40 Shield